Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Penang Team

Friday, December 12, 2014

Penang Open Last Round Live

Penang Open Round 8 (Live)

Thursday, December 11, 2014

7 leaders after 6 rounds

The 6th Penang Heritage City International Chess Open 2014 from  8 to 12th December 2014 at the Red Rock Hotel in Penang, Malaysia now has 7 joint leaders after 6 rounds.
This has event will end tomorrow (12th December) with 2 last rounds being played.

Below is the cross table results and standings :-

Sugar Boost

From Selangor Open 2014. Ian Udani caught snacking on chocolate bars for sugar sustance.

The Penang Open is an especially gruelling one given it's 1-2-2-2-2 schedule where there is no 'rest' days.

Any strategy to increase your stamina and energy during the games is of utmost importance besides of course just pure rest before the games.

Chocolate bars are popular from my observation, to get a sugar boost at key moments when your energy level is about to dip.

Here's Ian Udani's 'secret weapon' this Penang Open for energy sustanence.

Not as high sugar content as chocolate bars but it has the advantage of a slow and more gradual release of sugar into the body. It's probably more healthy too!

Round 7 Top Boards

Board 1: GM Susanto Megaranto vs Cabe Arlan

Board 2: IM Anurag Mhamal vs IM Narayanan Srinath

Board 3: FM Riste vs GM Bong Villamayor

Board 4: Sean Wishande vs IM Oliver Dimakiling

Round 7 (Board 6)

Take note that due to technical errors, only board 6 is shown on this post. Please ignore the non-moving board 1 -5.

Round 6 : Top boards (LIVE)

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Round 5 : Board 1-4


Round 5 Board 5 live

Round 3 leaders

After 3 rounds. There are four joint leaders with a perfect 3/3 points.

The four leaders are:
GM Megaranto Susanto , IM Swapnil S. Dhopade , IM Dimakiling Oliver and IM Nitin S.

Crosstable after 3 rounds.

Monday, December 8, 2014

6th Penang Open Begins !

The biggest tournament in term of size this year in Malaysia. Open with Challengers' section comprise over 300 participants !

Opening ceremony - opening move made by Senior EXCO, Yang Berhormat Chow Kon Yeow.

Okay now that the opening ceremony out of the way top board GM Susanto Megaranto vs WFM Tan Li Ting can continue. Same 1. d4 was played incidentally.

Board 1 live video feed.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

6th Penang Heritage City International Chess Open 2014 ( 8th – 12th Dec 2014)

Tournament Regulations

  • This is an individual tournament, open to all players.
  • There are two categories of play: the Open category for all players and the Challenger category for players rated below 2000 (FIDE ratings) or below 1850 (MCF Chess ratings).
  • FIDE (International Chess Federation) rules and regulations apply. Results will be sent for FIDE rating calculations.
  • Both categories will be played using the Swiss System, with 9 rounds for both the Open and Challenger categories. For the pairings, a Swiss Manager program will be used.
  • The rounds shall be conducted according to the schedule attached.
  • Each player is accorded a time control of 90 minutes plus 30 seconds increment per move.
  • Five minutes before each round starts, the Chief Arbiter shall make the relevant announcements. If any player is not present within an hour after the round is started, he shall lose by default.
  • FIDE regulations apply for mobile phones –a player is forbidden to have a mobile phone and/or other electronic means of communication in the playing venue. Penalty is the automatic loss of the game.
  • Officials and players should be smartly attired at all times while in the playing hall.

Programme / Schedule 

Day 1 (Monday, 8 December 2014) 
1500 Final Registration 
1530 Players' Briefing 
1600-2000 Round 1 
Day 2 (Tuesday, 9 December 2014) 
0900-1300 Round 2      1600-2000 Round 3 
Day 3 (Wednesday, 10 December 2014) 
0900-1300 Round 4      1600-2000 Round 5 
Day 4 (Thursday, 11 December 2014) 
0900-1300 Round 6      1600-2000 Round 7 
Day 5 (Friday, 12 December 2014) 
0900-1300 Round 8      1600-2000 Round 9 

2030-2130 Closing / Prize-giving Ceremony 

Closing Date: 22 Nov 2014 Registration and payment after the closing date incurs the payment of double the entry fee stated above. Due to space constraint only the first 300 entries will be accepted. 

Players are required to budget for their own board and lodgings, 
as well as transportation needs. Please send all queries and 
bookings to
Online Registration: 
Please visit for online registration and 
the list of players. Registration to play is completed only after 
payment is made. 
Provisions for titled player (GM, IM): 
Hotel rooms are provided on a twin-sharing basis for the first 10 
GMs/ IMs that register and show confirmed flight details. 
Payment (by 23 Nov 2014): 
1. United Overseas Bank Current A/C No. 172-301-657-1
(Penang Chess Association) SWIFT Code. UOVBMYKL or 
2. MayBank A/C No. 507246106978 (Tan Eng Seong) SWIFT
3 Singapore CITIBANK A/C No.0303262511 (Tan Eu Hong) or
4. Paypal account –
Contact Person: 
Mr Tan Eng Seong Tel: (60)12-4299517,
Mr Lim Poay Sim Tel: (60)12-4901822,
Mr Tan Eu Hong Tel:(60)12-4882133,